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Community Service Learning - Tantasqua Regional High School
Community Service Learning - Tantasqua Regional High School
Sturbridge Town Hall
308 Main Street
Sturbridge, MA 01566
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greatdane.gifADOPT-A-PET! greatdane.gif


Looking to adopt a dog or cat? This site is a tool to help connect you with local shelters to find an animal that needs a home. We have provided links to these local shelters to make your search easier. Be sure to check out our Pets of The Week!


The Sturbridge Board of Health, in cooperation with the Southbridge Veterinary Hospital, is sponsoring a rabies clinic on Saturday, May10, 2008, from 1 – 3 p.m.  The most important means of preventing the spread of rabies to household pets is to ensure that they are vaccinated.  Dog owners are reminded that their pets must have a current rabies vaccination before they can be licensed.

The clinic is open to both dog and cats.  Dogs must be on a leash; Cats in a suitable pet carrier.

The clinic will be held at the Sturbridge Public Safety Complex (Fire Department Garage Lower Level) Route 131 in Sturbridge.  Dr. Kristine Sklenak of the Southbridge Veterinary Hospital will be administering the vaccinations.  The cost for each animal inoculation will be $12.00 Cash or Check with a valid Driver’s License



puppy-giving-gift.gifOur Pets of the Week!puppy-giving-gift.gif


Pet Photo



Updated: 5/15/07




Animal shelters are your best source when looking for a pet. Not only do they have a great selection of adult animals for adoption, but they also have kittens and puppies, even purebred animals.

To locate a shelter close to you click here, or consider the shelters listed below
The Sturbridge Pound - (508) 347-2525
Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield - (508) 867-5525
Animal Shelter, Inc in Sterling - (978) 422-8585
Pound Hounds in Hopkinton - (413) 245-0302
People 4 animals in Charlton - (508) 248-7342
Worcester Animal Rescue League - (508) 853-0030

To take a breed selector test to find the right dog for you, click here

To Take a breed selector test to find the right cat for you, click here

If you'd like more information on anything you see on this website you can e-mail us at

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals can be contacted at MSPCA.


82-579577312.bmpInteresting Facts82-579577312_2.bmp
   About Dogs

Don't smile at any dog that you feel may be dangerous; to him you would be baring your teeth as a sign of agression.

Newfoundlands have webbed feet, making them great swimmers and divers.

Bassets can't swim; their legs are too short to keep their heavy, long bodies afloat.

Mixed breeds" and "Cross breeds" are NOT the same. Mixed breed dogs have various lineage that is most likely unknown, as for cross breds, they are only 2 different breeds of dogs combined together. Mixed breed dogs are less likely to suffer from inherited diseases and disabilities than purebred dogs are.

Dalmations, with all those cute black spots, are born white.

About Cats

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw.

If left to her own devices, a female cat may have three to seven kittens every four months. This is why population control using neutering and spaying is so important.

When well treated, a cat can live twenty or more years.

Though rare, cats can contract canine heart worms.

People who are allergic to cats are actually allergic to cat saliva or to cat dander. If the resident cat is bathed regularly the allergic people tolerate it better.


About Puppies

Nearly half of all puppies purchased as pets in the U.S. are given to shelters, passed on to friends, abandoned, or put to sleep within their first year.

Puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers.

   The documented problems of puppy mills include overbreeding, inbreeding, minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of socialization with humans, overcrowded cages, and the killing of unwanted animals; this situation frequently means buying a puppy facing an array of immediate veterinary problems or harboring genetically borne diseases that do not appear until years later.

    It is recommended that you do not to buy puppies from pet stores or over the Internet, or from newspaper ads.


dog-sniffing-food.gif Weekly Doggie Recipesdog-sniffing-food.gif

Frozen Doggie Yums

1 cup water
1 cube chicken or beef boillion (dog's favorite)
4 small pieces of chicken or beef
Disolve boillion in water and tear meat into smaller pieces about 1/2 inch squares. Freeze for about 12 hours or until solid. Great for hot days!!

Recipes are provided by: The Poop Pantry


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The Town of Sturbridge is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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