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Department of Public Works
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DPW Director
P.O. Box 182
Sturbridge, MA 01566
(508) 347-2515 / 2516
(508) 347-2517
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM
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Welcome to the
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Department of Public Works Website

Permit Update:
The Town of Sturbridge has adopted a Scenic Road Bylaw (Article 11, 4/26/04 Town Meeting).  This bylaw affects all permits (driveway, water, sewer) for any property located on one of the assigned scenic roads.

Fall Update:                                    
The D.P.W. had a very busy summer.  With fall upon us, we will be spending cemetery.jpgmuch of our time cleaning up the leaves (we appreciate any help from residents keeping leaves clear from catch basins and drainage swales) as well as preparing the roads for winter.   Additioanlly, we are preparing for snow plowing operations, salt has been delivered, and the plow trucks/sanders are being tuned up.  

Seasonal Reminders:     
1.  Please DO NOT place leaves or yard debris in or around catch basins or drainage swales.  
2.  The DPW is NOT responsible for brush cutting on private roads.  If you live along a private road we ask that you take care of this while the weather is favorable.  Excessive brush impedes visibility, maintenance and access for all emergency vehicles.
3.  As the snow season approaches, we would like to remind you of several things: do NOT throw/plow snow into the road while clearing your own driveway;  please observe the winter parking ban; be patient and please drive carefully, especially during the first couple of storms.

Tips to help conserve Water:                                    
        *       Only do full loads of laundry.
        *       Run the dishwasher when fully loaded.
        *       Take shorter showers.
        *       Water your lawn and/or garden in the early morning.
        *       Do not use water to "clean off" the debris on your driveway or walkway.
        *       Fix leaky faucet or fixtures.  (A dripping faucet can waste 3 gallons of water a day ... a total of 1095 gallons of water per year.)

Stormwater Management Act Information:
Stormwater runnoff is precipitation from rain or snowmelt that flows over the ground.  As it flows, it can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants and deposit them into a storm sewer system or waterbody. Anything that enters a storm sewer system is discrharded untreated into the waterbodies we use for swimming, fishing, and providing drinking water.

In response to the Stormwater Management Act the Mill Park in Fiskdale has installed a CDS unit to help keep the Quinnebaug River clean.  This unit is designed to filter the storm water running off the road.  The work was completed this May.  The pictures below show the unit and the men in action.
MVC-005S.jpg        MVC-014S.jpg        MVC-007S.jpg
To help keep our waterbodies clean, residents should follow these simple guidelines:
Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly!     Repair auto leaks!     Dispose of household hazardous waste, used auto fluids (antifreeze, oil, etc.), and batteries at the Sturbridge Recycling Center.      Clean-up after your pet!     Use a commercial car wash or wash your car on a lawn or other unpaved surface.     Clean paint brushes in a sink, not outdoors.  Properly dispose of excess paints through a household hazardous waste collection site at the Sturbridge Recycling Center.     Sweep up and properly dispose of construction debris like concrete and mortor.

Additional Information:
The DPW's new catch basin cleaner and street sweeper were purchased in compliance with the Stormwater Management Act.  For additional information on Stormwater Management, please visit the  Mass Dept .of Environmental Protection or the U.S. Environmental Protecion Agency.

To report any problems on a town road, click - please include the problem and the approximate location (street name, closest address)

To contact the Massachusetts Highway Department, please click here

Town of Sturbridge 308 Main Street, Sturbridge MA 01566
Phone: (508) 347-2500    Fax: (508) 347-5886
The Town of Sturbridge is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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