Nomination Papers Now Available in the Town Clerks Office !

Town of Sturbridge 2018 Nomination Papers Available

Sturbridge Town Clerk, Lynne Girouard, has announced that nomination papers are now available for the Annual Town Election to be held on Monday, April 9, 2018.  Candidates must be registered voters and (obtain at least) 36 signatures of registered voters to be placed on the ballot.  The following is a list of the positions that are open:


2 for 3 years   Board of Selectmen       

1 for 3 years   Board of Assessors

1 for 3 years   Sturbridge School Committee

2 for 3 years   Tantasqua School Committee

1 for 3 years   Constable                        

1 for 3 years   Board of Health

1 for 3 years   Town Moderator              

1 for 3 years   Recreation Committee

2 for 3 years   Zoning Board of Appeals 

3 for 3 years   Library Trustees