Planning Board

The Sturbridge Planning Board was established under Chapter 41, Section 81-A of the Massachusetts General Laws. The responsibilities of the Planning Board are varied and are governed by the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These responsibilities include activities such as acting as the Special Permit Granting Authority, reviewing and approving Subdivision Plans, and reviewing Subdivision Approval Not Required Plans. In addition, this Board has the responsibility of developing various long-term planning tools for the community such as the Zoning Bylaw, Rules and Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Master Plans, Community Plans and other similar documents that are used by the town to help guide and manage growth.

Board Members
The Sturbridge Planning Board consists of seven members that are appointed by the Town Administrator for five year terms.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jean M. Bubon, AICP Town Planner
Rebekah L. DeCourcey Administrative Assistant
Charles Blanchard


Russell Chamberland


Michael Chisholm



Heather Hart


Sue Waters

Vice Chair/Clerk