Sturbridge Tourist Association Meeting

Town Hall 2nd floor Conference romm
Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 6:00pm

Sturbridge Tourist Association A Committee of the Town of Sturbridge 
Meeting Agenda 20 June 2018 – 6pm Sturbridge Town Hall, 308 Main Street, 2nd floor meeting room 
1. Call to Order
2 Approval of Previous Minutes – 30 May 2018
3 Treasurers Report

4. New Business
a. Rick Hoyt Sturbridge Half Marathon – Funding Request
b. Worcester Magazine – Funding Request
c Business Advocacy Group – Funding Request
d Discover Central Massachusetts – Discussion
e Funding Support Parameters – Discussion
f Encumbering funds FY2018 - Disscussion
5. Old Business
a End of Year Purchases – Discussion
6 Sturbridge Farmers Market Update
7 EDTC Report
8 Next Meeting
9 Adjourn 
Respectfully Submitted:  Kevin Filchak, M.P.A.