Veterans Services

Mission Statement

It is the responsibility of the Sturbridge Director of Veteran Services’ and Agent to ensure that those living within the town of Sturbridge who dutifully served in the United States Armed Forces are awarded the care and benefits that are befitting them. Such awards include Federal V.A. health care, pension, education and training benefits, and life insurance.  State benefits include tuition assistance and emergency medical and financial assistance under Mass General Laws. The Town of Sturbridge Veterans Agent also serves as the town's Burial Agent, and as such has the duty to ensure the care and quality of all burials for those who served in the United States armed forces and cannot afford an appropriate burial. To make sure that the contributions of our veterans are never forgotten is the responsibility that our Director of Veteran's Services and Agent holds. This office also organizes and coordinates with the assistance of the Local Veteran Organizations annual Veteran Day and Memorial Day observances.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Stephen Gagnon Veterans Services' Officer